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The Most Amazing Testimonial
September 2019
Jason Hastings has proven to be everything my wife and I could have dreamt in a relator. I know that sounds cliche and scripted, but it is the truth. We are first time home buyers, who never had anything gifted to us, every dollar saved for this house was hard earned. With that said, the process of purchasing a home was quite daunting. Luckily, I had Jason to not only guide us through, but to teach us, give us comfort and calm our worries with a adept mix of humor and knowledge. Within a very short time we had purchased and were in escrow on a dream home in Studio City, with an incredible mortgage broker referred also by Jason. Briefly let me talk about attributes that make Jason special, both as a broker and person. Foremost, he is competent, and extraordinarily educated on real estate in this area. He is a hustler in the very best use of the word. If there is a property he doesn’t know about, he will track down information, research tirelessly and present that information in an easily digestible method. He related information in a way that is it easy, clear and concise to understand, filtering out complex jargon into an explanation laypersons can understand. Jason is also a shark! He will work every angle to make sure you have a shot at a deal, or at least he did in our case. We got the townhouse because he found out quickest that the property went back on the market after numerous offers fell through because of a mandatory lease back. If it wasn’t for his tact and efficiency we never would have had a chance. He had to call numerous times, but he got in first and most aggressively. The aspect that sets Jason miles ahead of my expectations can not be rated or graded, because they are intangible attributes. He can soothe your worries, make you laugh, go the extra step so that you feel comfortable during the process, and sifts through your confusing questions to distill out an easily understandable explanation. I was involved very little in the process compared to my wife. Jason literally acted as the husband lol. He took care of making sure Kim never had to do anything alone and that at no point was she overwhelmed. We got so lucky to have met Jason and to be guided through this at first intimidating process, until it actually became fun and exciting
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